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Thank you for choosing Tutoring By Monica. I strive to be the best tutor I can be and welcome your input and insights. This process takes time, even when the student is trying. “Trying” means: listening and taking notes in class, attempting homework, and actively participating in our sessions. Please know that I am rooting for your child’s success!  

Please see the lists below of expectations & tutoring information.


Session Info:  

  • Sessions are 30 minute minimum. 

  • There is a 24 hour cancellation policy (see below) 

  • Parents are encouraged to stay in the room/nearby the first 1 – 2 sessions. After that, I prefer that it is just the student and I. In my experience, students are more relaxed, focused and perform better when parents are not around. I always communicate with the parents at the end of each session. 

  • Student participation in sessions to include problem-solving, asking and answering questions, etc. is expected.    

What to Bring: 

  • Laptop (charged) and/or textbooks 

  • Assignments- Homework, projects, etc. 

  • Writing utensils (pencils, crayons, markers, erasers, etc.) 

What is Provided: (Depending on the lesson) ​

  • White Board 

  • Practice Pages/Sample Documents 

  • Extra practice/Homework can be provided with advanced notice


Aside from cancellations and other urgent/time sensitive messages, I prefer that the bulk of our communication take place through email. Communicating through email allows me to keep better track of our correspondence.  

All non-urgent communications should be sent to​ 


  • Tutoring rates will be decided and agreed upon before the first session. 

  • Tutoring fees will be invoiced and paid through Wix or PayPal. 

Cancellation Policy:  

  • At least a 24 hour notice is preferable for cancellations. I understand kids get sick, athletic teams call meetings, last minute travel, etc.  

  • When cancelling, please text me my cell phone. 

  • There is a full hour fee charged for cancellations not made within 3 hours of the session time.  

  • SNOW POLICY: In case of inclement weather (Snow/Ice/Sleet), please TEXT me. If it is snowing and you need to reschedule your (or your child's) appointment, please call or text me at least 3 hours PRIOR to your scheduled appointment if you wish to reschedule. If I do not receive any communication regarding session cancellation, it will be assumed that the session is still being held.  

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