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Your First Session with a New Tutor

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

When you are preparing to go meet your new tutor for the first time, remember the tutor is just as excited to meet you too! To make the most of everyone’s time, remember a few simple things: Everyone will be a bit nervous! It is everyone’s first time meeting each other. The younger your child is, the higher the chance they will be shy or possibly cry.

Schedule- Try to come prepared with a schedule/calendar of when you can meet us on a regular basis. At the end of our first session, we will be ready to schedule our next session, we request that you are too!

Neutral Territory-Since it is your first session, try meeting at a neutral place like a local library, coffee shop, or school.

Bring Work Samples- Try to bring samples of what your child is doing in school: classwork, homework, tests, etc. Anything that the teacher has requested that they need to work on/improve on. We will go over with you the goals and needs of your child at this time. We will design our future lessons based on their school needs.

Siblings- If possible, try to avoid bringing siblings as they may cause a distraction. (No offense, but it can happen!) It causes students to not want to focus and will want to end the lesson sooner.

Conversation Time- Allow time for the student to get comfortable with us (the new tutor) while the parent is there, and then try to slip away unnoticed.

Assessment Time- Allow time for the tutor to assess the student and work with them until the end of the scheduled session. Do not worry, we will signal you when we are done!

Wrap-Up Time- At the end of the first session, we will discuss with you everything that we have noticed. We will outline our goals and things that we have noticed that we would like to work on with your child.

Happy Tutoring!

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