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Organization & Study Skill Tips for Middle School and HS Students

1. Calm Attitude- Be calm & patient. Don’t beat yourself up!

2. A place to study/appropriate environment- Large desk or table surface. Room for all of your books, computer/tablet, pens, notes. Good lighting and a sturdy chair. Bring snacks to you, don’t leave to get them.

3. System for keeping track of important notes- tabbed binder, folders, clean locker and book bag.

4. Planner or Calendar to track assignments, tests and long term projects

5. Estimate how long each project/assignment will take- Develop a realistic schedule with built in study breaks, around the sports, etc.

6. Break up big projects into smaller ones- Break up research projects and papers into more manageable chunks.

7. Communicate with your teachers- Know what assignments are due, upcoming and missing.

8. Take good notes and pay attention in class- Write down the main ideas; abbreviate; draw pictures, diagrams ad flowcharts for visual concepts.

9. Develop memorization techniques- Lists, flashcards, acronyms

10. Focus on the areas that need the most attention-Assess strength and weaknesses. Focus on the areas that need help. If you have an “A” in science and a “C” in math, study the math.

11. Work with others- Study groups, partners, etc. Someone who knows the material well that you can practice with and review questions with.

12. Develop essay writing skills through practice- Organize your thoughts in an essay and have it reviewed. Essays are developed through practice and criticism.

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