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A Few Client Testimonials

Ms. Monica was diligent and thorough with her tutorage of my son. She was patient with him and kept him engaged and track throughout. She was very accommodating of us when things came and we had overall a great experience with working with her and we would definitely recommend her. - Skye

Monica gave a good high level overview for the CAPM. Monica is very knowledgeable about the subject and gave me different options to study from. I was able to careful measures and grasp the concept. - KJ

Monica was great with my first grader, he said he really liked learning with her. He learned a lot in his first lesson, everything from math to reading to learning time. - Casey

Monica was an amazing teacher, and she helps out so much we worked in Outlook and I learned so much. She took me step by step and walked me through the entire system. - Mary

Her industry advice and practicality was very important to the lesson. It was a great lesson in regards to preparation, direction of study, and mental attitude. It gave me a newfound direction, and newfound hope. - Mario

Your sessions with my son paid great dividends. He was able to work through editing his word documents, utilizing the APA format and more. Thank you! - Beverly

Very helpful, really takes the time to make sure your questions are answered. Thank you much for all your advice and hard work to try and answer all of my questions. - Jasaiya

She was patient, clear, answered all of my questions and we went step by step. The things that I asked were all answered and we put in practice also. She is a happy person who shows loves what she does. Thank you Monica for your time! - Caro

Monica was great to work with. Highly professional with immediate responses. Very knowledgeable on current and emerging technologies. Addressed my level of skill, discussed my goals.... then gave solid coaching to help me advance my capabilities. - Graham

Monica is flexible and perceptive about the particular educational and personality needs of her student. She helps an adult student build confidence while learning. - Mary Lou

Quite helpful in planning my assignment. Discussed areas that I'm experiencing some difficulties with. Also gave me some good tips and suggestions for writing out my paper. - Marion

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